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We offer high-quality hot tub chemicals to help you keep your water clean and balanced.

A hot tub is a great place to relax at the end of a long day, to ease sore muscles, or to just enjoy the hot water. However, just like anything else, a hot tub requires some upkeep in order to remain in good condition. Specifically, the water in hot tubs, like that in swimming pools, needs to be treated with the right blend of chemicals in order to keep the water clean and free of germs and other contaminants. Fortunately, our team at Swim N Pool & Spa makes it easy to get the hot tub chemicals you need, and we can also provide expert advice on how to keep the water balanced.

The hot tub chemicals you will need typically include a pH increaser and decreaser, as well as a sanitizer (such as chlorine) to keep the water free of germs. Additional chemicals that you may find useful include a defoamer, which reduces the amount of foam on the water, and a sequestering agent to get rid of heavy metals and calcium. If you have questions about what chemicals you need for your hot tub, you can reach out to our team at any time to consult with our experts.

Our team is proud to serve the Statesville, North Carolina community, and we want to help you maximize your enjoyment of your hot tub. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of hot tub chemicals to help you keep your tub in great condition, we encourage you to give us a call today.

At Swim N Pool & Spa, we offer hot tub chemicals in Statesville, Davidson, Mooresville, Troutman, Cool Springs, Union Grove, Hamptonville, Taylorsville, Sherrills Ford, and Mocksville, North Carolina.