The Importance of Hot Tub Chemicals

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It is easy to focus on how enjoyable your hot tub is and forget that keeping a hot tub safe and enjoyable requires work to maintain the hot tub itself and also the water. Without the proper use of hot tub chemicals, your hot tub experience could go from one that is incredible for your overall health and wellbeing to one that puts your health at risk.

The Importance of Hot Tub Chemicals

Just as you would regularly test the chemical levels in a pool, you should also do so in a hot tub. In fact, you should always test the water before getting in. Keep in mind that the hot tub chemicals will need to circulate a bit before you do get in, so begin this process roughly 30 minutes beforehand. There are several different hot tub chemicals that you’ll want to become familiar with, including:

  • pH increasers and decreasers- You do not want the pH to be too high or too low, so depending on what your test shows, you may need to raise or lower it.
  • Sequestering agent- Generally, you’ll only need to add this when you first fill your hot tub and if you add water to it that has a high mineral or metal content. If your water isn’t clear, it could be an indication you need this product.
  • Sanitizing hot tub chemicals- There are various options for sanitizing your water to keep it safe, including bromine, chlorine, and other products.

Depending on your situation, there may be other hot tub chemicals you need, such as defoamer or a product to increase or decrease calcium hardness. If you are unsure what to use in your hot tub, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Swim N Pool & Spa in Statesville, North Carolina. We have a wide variety of hot tub & spa supplies, as well as years of experience in the hot tub and pool industry. Contact us today to learn more.